Anthropologie catalogue: January 2011

I’ve noticed that my Anthro catalogues have been arriving later and later.  This one didn’t arrive until this morning, but it’s not like I was dying for it since I’d already seen it online and it was very disappointing.

The photography is still beautiful, but this catalogue is under 30 pages and there are no clothes in it.

strawberry weave hobo

l-r: corn lane slingbacks, taupe-tied booties, reaching for light espadrilles, crowd favorite slingbacks

almond & indigo heels, subtle shades boots, slices of night booties, braided basket pumps

accordion strands necklace, on the agenda shell

Okay, there are some clothes, but it’s not like you can tell what they actually look like.

lengthy days vest, martagon sketch halter dress, crowd favorite slingbacks, slouchy stitch pullover, long & lean chemise, forest & mine bracelet, swooping asymmetry wedges

Are they purposely trying to obscure the clothes?  I want to see what they look like, because I’m not buying based on an artistically hazy image.

magnified corolla dress, bubbled belt, corn lane slingbacks

crest & fall pillow, garden stretch bolster

blythe chair

pavo quilt

Meh.  Higher hopes for February.

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