Anthropologie catalogue: January 2007

Every week I take a look back at past Anthropologie catalogues and what I loved from then.  (Thanks to Natalie for posting all the links.) I used to think that it’s impossible to find these pieces again, but thanks to Roxy’s trade market and eBay, anything is possible.

January 2007.  Where was I then?  Ah yes, I was packing up my apartment in Ottawa and preparing to move to Toronto.  I can’t believe it’s been 4 years, it’s just flown by.  So this is what I could have been buying then.

falling droplets dress – so pretty

murmer tee, bustle back skirt – this is totally something I would wear (very similar to this).  I love the draping in the top. 

bluebelle blouse

watchtower dress

drip & pour overcoat – I would wear this

archway top, moss grotto skirt

myrtle silk dress - gorgeous

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