Blue surrounds me

Since I failed at the no-shop criteria of the 30 for 30 challenge, I decided I would try again to go 30 days without shopping. An entire month. It’s now January 16 by my calendar, so I’m almost halfway there! 16 days without shopping, and without wanting to shop either, which is the weird thing.

And if we want to get all technical about it, I’ve actually gone 20 days without shopping, because the last time I bought something was December 27 when I was post-Christmas shopping with my sister in Boston.  But who’s counting??

So the first half of the month has been easy, but I’m itching a little bit to buy.  When Feb 1 rolls around, I might indulge in these:

L: J. Crew cashmere crewneck cardigan in hthr tide
R: J. Crew Double-serge pencil skirt in nightfall blue

Not to wear together though, unless I want some bizarre not-quite-matching not-quite-a-suit outfit, but I do love this shade of blue. The cardigan will go with a lot of pieces in my wardrobe, and the skirt is just too cute, especially since I saw it on Kileen.  But if I were to be practicing restraint and austerity measures, I would choose the cardigan over the skirt, because I really don’t need any more skirts.

If I weren’t practicing restraint and austerity measures, I would go for these as well:

Anthropologie Irresistable Maxi Dress, Plenty by Tracy Reese (CAD$218, US$178)

I was in Anthropologie with a coworker at lunch on Friday and tried this on.  It’s pretty awesome, and I adore the colour, but I’m also not going on a resort vacation any time soon.

Anthropologie Take Action Dress, Girls From Savoy (US$168)

Haven’t tried this one yet, but it’s so cute.  Still, it’s not really a “me” dress.  If it had a deep V neck and an empire waist, I’d be all over it like a bad suit.

Fantasy shopping is fun.  Delaying gratification is out of character for me though. However, nothing will be bought until February 1. I will succeed this time!

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