It’s jacket weather!

It’s chilly outside and I LOVE it.  I can breathe again after a summer of paralyzing heat and humidity.  I have ENERGY.  And I don’t want to dress like a skank ho!  I want sweaters and jackets!

So with this regained energy and desire for layers, I took myself over to Anthropologie at Don Mills early this morning in search of the Cream Confection Jacket.  They had it in black, I tried it on, I bought it (exchanged the Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress).  Unfortunately, the pictures I took in the dressing room turned out really blurry, so I’ll have to take some better ones later.  Unfortunately only the black was available (the tan came in on Monday and sold out within days, and no cream yet), but it’s the colour I wanted anyway. 

So after I got what I wanted, it was time to try on a whole bunch of other pieces and have fun.

Ha’penny Cardigan by Moth, CAD$148.  I first became intrigued about this cardigan with the catalogue shot, and also by Carol's unadulterated love for it.  No way I wasn’t going to try it on.  But I’m confounded, as Tim Gunn might say.  I love the length and the softness, but the ties and the collar and how it does up like a cape confuses me.  I don’t know.  I’ll have to try it on again.

Boucle de Souffle Jacket by Elevenses, CAD$148.  I thought I had to have this after seeing it in an outfit set on the website, but I had to check the fit.  Unfortunately, the fit is off so it’s a no.  Off the wishlist.

The cream (in a size up) didn’t do any better either.

Rushcliffe Cardigan by Charlie & Robin, CAD$178.  I would never buy this sweater, but I had to try it on anyway.  It looks awful on me, but at the same time I wish I were fabulous enough to be able to pull it off.

Dreamy Days Cowlneck by Bordeaux, CAD$68.  An underpinning of some sort is definitely required, because you can see belly.  The fabric is also so flimsy it’s practically see-through.  I look skinnier, but I wouldn’t pay $70 for this.

Monologue Top by Bailey 44, CAD$118.  A version of the summer Chantico Tank with sleeves.  Nice, but not interested.  Also, I think it makes me look slightly thicker around the middle.

? top by C. Keer (I think), I can’t find this on the website.  It’s a ribbed knit slash-neck top with ruching and buttons on the cuffs, with floral appliqué at the neckline.  It’s a nice fall top, but nothing that special for me.

Norwegian Woods Skirt by Edme & Esyllte, CAD$98.  I’ve always wanted to visit Norway, and I have a weakness for hot Norwegians and their pop music (my guilty pleasure since that concert last spring), but that has no bearing on me liking this skirt.  In fact, it surprised me that I picked it up because I don’t usually gravitate to this kind of print.  But I really loved it; soft yet sturdy fabric, pockets, great length, good shape, reasonable price (well, for Anthro).  I don’t think it looks that great in the picture, but serious consideration for my fall wardrobe.

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