I’ve had a pretty terrible week.  Work stuff has been dominating; I screwed something up last week and couldn’t fix it quickly, leading me to spend the weekend freaking out that I was going to be hauled into my VP’s office and unceremoniously fired.  I texted a friend/coworker who told me I was being ridiculous and that was 0% chance I was going to be fired, and she needed to come over and beat me over the head.

It’s true.  I always, always fear the worst, because it never turns out as bad as I imagine.  You’d think the fact that I know it always turns out better would stop me from fearing the worst, but no, I think that if I think everything’s going to be okay, the opposite is going to happen.  I need to go into my brain and rewire, seriously.

Thank God for my boyfriend.

We’ve been blessed in my family with our choice of life partners.  Will and I have been together for 11 years.  My older sister and her husband celebrated 13 years of marriage (17 years of being together) in Italy yesterday.  My younger brother and his wife celebrated their first anniversary on Sunday. 

At their wedding in Ottawa a year ago (which my mother tried to ruin, but couldn’t), my sister and I walked our nephew Milo down the aisle.

He’s wearing a traditional Filipino barong, custom-made for him in the Philippines.

My sister is wearing a Nicole Miller dress; I’m wearing a dress by Anne Hung, a local Toronto designer.


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