More NY Fashion Week Love

Was still sick all weekend, but as luck would have it, I’m feeling better now that it’s Sunday night and I can go back to work tomorrow morning.

Maybe it was going through all the photos from NY Fashion Week and looking at all the pretty clothes that made me feel better. 

Here’s what I love and what I would buy, if only I could.

Carolina Herrara:

Vera Wang:

Doesn’t seem all that “spring”, but I still love the colour palette and all the detail.

Marc Jacobs:

Very 70s-ish, but I love the colours anyway.


I literally gasped when I saw this photo. I think it’s crazy, but gorgeous at the same time.  I hope someone shows up on the red carpet wearing it.

Oscar de la Renta:

This is so spring-y, I can’t stand it.

Gorgeous.  I also happen to love Coco Rocha.

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