Ha’penny for your thoughts

Here I am trying Anthropologie’s Ha’penny Cardigan again (first tried last weekend).

I think it looked better the first time I tried it on, with the collar pulled all the way down.  It looks a little shapeless and sack-like now; it’s crying out for a belt, and I don’t do belts.  I don’t know.  I’m still debating, but $150 for a cardigan I’m not sure about is a lot.

Tweedy Leaves Dress by Tabitha, CAD$188.  I loved this dress in the catalogue shot, so I had to try it on.  I also love Tabitha’s ensemble dresses—it’s a lazy girl’s approach to getting dressed.  But I already have the Doubly Dapper Dress, so I think this one will be a pass for me, as much as I love the print.

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