Monique Lhullier love

I am not a true fashionista.  I love clothes and I like to buy them, but I don’t follow fashion with the interest and knowledge of someone who truly cares.  I was never a Tavi Gavinson at that age, and I’m still not now.  I have expensive tastes, not couture tastes.  Quite frankly, as far as designer fashion goes, I could take it or leave it.

However, I have been following the collections thanks to Jezebel Fashion Week (been home sick the past few days and catching up), and I kinda want a Monique Lhullier gown now.  And an occasion to wear it.  But only if I could spell her name right the first time around.


So Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly does cocktail or garden party.

This one is my favourite, because of the colour palette.

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