Looking forward to Paris in style.

Last year I travelled a lot—five weekend trips to Ottawa (not so surprising, my family lives there), a week in Vancouver and Victoria, a long weekend in Boston, an extra-long weekend in Martha’s Vineyard, a whirlwind 5-day trip to San Diego/Orange County/Los Angeles, and a weekend in Chicago. It was fun, but exhausting.  This year, I’ve only gone on one weekend trip to Ottawa and one long weekend to a luxury cottage in the Muskokas, but I am really looking forward to my trip to Dublin, London, and Paris next month.

Will is really looking forward to our trip, and he’s been making all the travel plans while I haven’t been feeling well over the past few weeks.  He found a very trendy place for us to stay in Paris, the Apostrophe Hotel.

This is our splurge on our trip, so Will went for the room with the soaker tub (because I LOVE soaker tubs).  To get a better price, he signed up for the “romantic night”, which means the hotel will spell our initials in rose petals on the bed.

We are not that shloopy.  But it’s Paris, so we’ll try to stop laughing and be romantic.

I hope we get this room….

Since the tub is in the same room as the bed, the reviews advise that you don’t travel with someone you don’t want to see naked.

Ooh, maybe I want the room with the literature on the wall.

I can’t wait!  Only 4 weeks to go!


  1. This hotel looks amazing! I am in love with that music room! I was in Paris earlier this year -- we splurged and stayed at the George V. In retrospect though, I wish we had chosen a cozy boutique hotel with a character like this one. Hope you have a fabulous trip through Europe!!

  2. I think my boyfriend went for the books room. That's ok, that works for both of us too. I can't wait for this trip, I hope it's fab and fashionable! :)

  3. Wow, this place looks fantastic!! I hope you have a wonderful trip!!


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