This week, I’ve felt about a hair away from either a tantrum or a nervous breakdown.  Hyperventilating at my desk at work is not good.

I need a vacation.  Oh wait, I have one soon!  This time next week I’m going to be in Dublin.  I'll be jet-lagged out of my mind, but I won't be here.

In the meantime, there’s nothing that can’t be cured with Vietnamese spring rolls.

Or some eye candy, courtesy of the windows at Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street.

Burberry, with tea set courtesy of William Ashley

Yves St. Laurent, with papier-mache poodles

Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses (loooove), with stacks of Campbell soup cans (don’t get it)


Can’t afford any of these, but somehow, it satisfies the soul.


  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/Anthropologie-Maeve-Height-Summer-Dress-Pink-Green-8-/120630897424?pt=US_CSA_WC_Dresses&hash=item1c16296b10
    Hey, I read your blog and just wanted you to know someone is using your images on ebay

  2. Thanks for the tip. Looks like the eBay user is stealing photos from a lot of other blogs too.


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