Anthropologie catalogue: October 2011

I always look forward to the beginning of the month and a new Anthro catalogue. But oh dear, it’s another one that hasn’t captured my interest. Some gorgeous photos, but I’m not buying anything.

Also, I was a little mind-boggled by the price on some items (for some reason more so this month than in previous months), so fair warning, lots of exclamation points ahead.

October 2007 –
popham peacoat, veiled alder dress, pointelle sweater tights, athabaskan booties ($448!!!)

sweaterknit strand, vinalhaven cardigan, button belted dress, pointelle sweater tights, letterhead wedges ($498!!!); harrington cowlneck, pin gleam belt, consonant wide-legs, red heron heels –
I think I like the setting more than the clothes.

dromedary dress, threaded bangle ($238!!!), pointelle sweater tights, bow buckled flats –
I like the colours, and the setting again (I love the trunk), but I would not wear a dress with camels on it.

to autumn hat ($348!!!!), ruffled demi turtleneck, tsuga skirt, dusted tights, athabaskan booties –
I like the overall effect, even if it is a bit pumpkin. I would never pay that much for a hat though.

veiled alder dress, threaded bangle, opaque tights –
this dress is lovely. It seems a little bridal to me though.

ruched marigold coat, AG denim leggings, blackwatch slingbacks ($348!!!) –
the shoes are really cute, even for that price.

penobscot poncho ($348!!!), ruled boatneck, AG denim leggings, cabled socks ($148!!!) –
I love this photo and if I ever went fishing I would totally wear this.

hallowell cowlneck, tarpan buttondown, goban pencil skirt –
okay I lied, I would buy this skirt, but in black.

welkin dotted scarf, multiburst sweater dress, buckled paddock boots; neo-jacquard pullow, iamb wide-legs

soft chevrons pullover, monhegan wide-legs –
I love this shot

welkin dotted scarf, melba dress, opaque tights; in clouds blouse, snaffle belt, gamay sweater skirt, athabaskan booties – love the bright colours.

cropped fairisle pullover, artful layering tank, effortless corduroy skirt, praline cuff; strung coins necklace, frosted boucle pullover, monhegan wide-legs –
I want to be wherever they are.

belted plaid cape, glimmer graph shell, colloquium trousers, athabaskan booties; molded metals necklace, unconditional osier dress, dusted tights – I like, but I find the colour palette a bit too dull.

umbered houndstooth coat –
it’s $298, so it may be worthy of !!!!, but a higher price for a coat doesn’t seem to mind-boggle me as much. A good coat costs money.

bow buckle flats –

melded metals necklace, fragmented earth bib necklace, sky stacks necklace –

cotswold bench ottoman, landscape ($1698!!) –
I know Anthro furniture is expensive. I love this and would buy it if I won the lottery tomorrow. Too bad I don’t play.

pinched corners mugs, pinched corners tea bowls; seawater espresso mugs, seawater tall espresso mugs, least resistance tea pot; twisting koi candelabra ($598!!), experimental glaze platter, experimental glaze side plate, experimental glaze dinner plate, twisting koi taper holder – I love these photos.

sure footed base ($498!!), celluloid dream base ($498!!), 8mm lamp ensemble ($598!!), industrial stitching base ($328!!) –
again, if I won the lottery tomorrow…

adscript chair ($980!), olmo chair ($980!), hathor armchair ($2400!) –
I’m a sucker for anything teal.

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