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Anthro Instant Classic Tee, Stripes (Bailey 44) | Anthro Acting Out Skirt (Cartonnier) | Matsu necklace | Miss Sixty Tracy Shoes

Bailey 44 is a brand I came across in my pre-Anthropologie days, and it’s a brand I keep coming back to, despite the high cost for what are essentially cotton basics. Yes, this is just a thin cotton striped T-shirt. Maybe it’s just in my head, maybe it’s just my brand snobbery talking, but I’m pretty sure that a cheap thin cotton striped T-shirt would not look this good on me. I don’t know how they do it, but I don’t want them to stop.

Antho puts it best in their brand spotlight feature:

I have a few Bailey 44 pieces, including the Daily Gathering Dress, which is my LGD (little grey dress). And then there’s the Slung Sash Tee (which I keep wanting to call the Sash Slung Tee).

I love the detail, the colour, and the fabric. It didn’t hurt how great it looks on Roxy too. I have tried it on and I didn’t find it to be work-inappropriate, but that’s just me (I’ve seen a LOT of cleavage at my office). It’s a basic with a twist, exactly what I look for. This will probably come home with me soon.

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