random photos, part one

So the camera phone on the iPhone 3GS isn’t brilliant, but I still love having a camera with me at all times. Those random pictures start piling up pretty quick, and most of them are garbage. But here are a few that I thought were worth sharing. Obviously, this post will be very picture-heavy.

A spring mannequin at Club Monaco, snapped back in April. I wish I’d tried on that skirt.

A Great Dane at the bank. Doesn’t seem too big? The owner is average height.

A tangle of my jewellery on the granite countertop.

Downtown Toronto early on a July morning.

the lobby in my condo building, pretty swank, but those chairs are darn comfortable

Tried on the Verdant Slip Dress in the blue colourway back in August, but never posted it. Like the leggings? Me too, I was too lazy to take them off. I think I prefer the blue to the original green, but I didn’t buy the blue because I can’t justify owning both of them. And don’t get me wrong, I still love the green.

Cupcakes with teal frosting at my friend’s Stella & Dot trunk show.

I love this clock. I can’t remember what furniture store I was in (not Restoration Hardware, although it’s in the same style), but it’s somewhere on King East.

At another furniture store on King East. This is so tacky it almost comes back around to awesome.

This got me thinking about an aqua and red colour combination.

And here I am, in the original Verdant Slip Dress, bloated after too much dim sum. I didn’t like this chair. See how the cushion is coming out? It wasn’t comfortable.

My nephew. Love his orange sweater!

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