awkward & awesome Thursday: hanging in there

Another awkward & awesome Thursday means that tomorrow is Friday. And that is truly the most awesome thing.


  • I had planned a road trip to Montreal this weekend with a friend (specifically to go to Au Pied de Cochon), but we had to cancel because she’s having some problems with her knee that she has to take care of. Which is, of course, much much more important than going on a trip. We’ll go some other time.
  • I’m ready for Will to come home, at first I liked having the condo to myself, now it’s just lonely.
  • There’s a reason I’m feeling blue these past few days: PMS!
  • I’m craving junk food like crazy.
  • I think my outfit today might be a bit of a miss. This damn blouse needs some help, but I’m determined (perhaps foolishly) to make it work.

Anthro Hip-Cinched Blouse (Maeve) | J.Crew Jenna’s Cardigan | Anthro Alluring Sway Skirt (Cartonnier) | Wolford Satin Opaque tights | Michael Kors heels


  • Like I said, tomorrow’s Friday.
  • My parents are driving to Toronto to take an early (and cheap) flight to Panama on Saturday morning, and they’re stopping to have dinner with me tomorrow night. There was a time when I didn’t like to see them so much. Now I make the most of any time we have together.
  • Will is buying me tights from the Wolford Boutique in London, because they’re so much cheaper there than they are here.
  • I may not be thrilled about my outfit, but I like my hair today.

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