The shopping equivalent of The Last Supper.

Inspired by Alison and Perdy over at 365 Fashion Rehab, I’ve decided to embark on my own month-long fashion rehab. For the month of February, I will not shop. No clothes, no shoes, no accessories, no makeup. Gulp. I need this, but I have no idea how it’s going to go because I think the longest I’ve gone without shopping is 4 days. So I’m starting with one month, and it just happens to be the shortest month of the year. A coincidence, but I’m definitely not complaining. If I can channel some of Alison and Perdy’s willpower (I think they’re nuts, but also amazing) into these 28 days, I’ll be really, really, really proud of myself.

I hope that within these 28 days I’ll be able to spend some time unravelling all the underlying issues beneath my shopaholicism. Why do I shop so much? What do I feel I’m missing? What am I trying to make up for?

Yesterday, with my February looming, I went to anthropologie, which has been my opiate store of choice lately. I wasn’t shopping for anything in particular, but I saw this dress and wanted to try it on:

Reed shirtdress by Moulinette Soeurs, CAD$148

Really cute on the model. Not so cute on me:

I don’t look happy because I’m not. I’m not a plaid person (not in the nineties, not now either), I felt like it was time for me to square-dance at a hoe-down in a barn.

In a solid colour, much happier:

Unfortunately blurry, but so much cuter, right? Love the v-neck, defined waist, and full flowy skirt.

So that was my Last Supper yesterday. Today could have been my last chance to go out and shop. Instead I’m in my pyjamas and a lululemon hoodie to keep warm because I can’t be bothered to leave my apartment. It’s like rehab has started already.

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