New Year’s Resolution #3: find a jacket

It’s Friday night, and I’m spending it as I usually do—at home, in my pyjamas, watching What Not To Wear.  The fun never stops on my Friday nights!

Since I’m watching What Not To Wear, I thought I’d reflect a little on jackets and the fact that I don’t wear them.  And this goes against every “essential pieces” list I’ve ever seen, from Tim Gunn to Stacey and Clinton to A. over at The Glamourous Grad Student.  It’s not that I don’t love jackets, but I’ve never found one that fits great and makes me feel good.  I find them bulky, constricting around the shoulders (and I absolutely must be comfortable), ill-fitting across my chest (although not enormous, it’s still a D-cup), etc.  But I’d love to find one that nips in at the waist and makes me look cute and chic, not like a linebacker.  So instead I stick to cardigans (I think I have close to 10?), which pretty much serve the same purpose as a cardigan but don’t quite provide the same structured look as a great fitted jacket. 

It might be my holy grail, but I know there’s one out there for me.

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