has hell frozen over?

It might have, because I just bought a pair of jean leggings, or “jeggings”.

My sister bought a pair a few months ago and when she told me I thought she was nuts. The mental image I had was just not good.

However, on closer inspection, they’re just even skinnier jeans with more lycra and therefore more stretch in them. I’m very self-conscious about my hips and anything skinny makes me feel like an ice cream cone, but this is one trend that doesn’t seem to be going away and |’d like to try to participate. Hips are great when you’re trying to look like someone on Mad Men, but not so great when it comes to trends.

But last weekend I worked up my courage and I tried on a couple of pairs…

J Brand jean leggings

Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick Skinny Legging Jeans

…and while I liked them with tall boots and I didn’t look like the giant ice cream cone I was afraid I would, I was loathe to spend $200+ on an item that I’m not 100% confident about.

In the end, I found a pair for $80 from Mavi:

Mavi Serena low-rise super-skinny

Not sure that they’re technically a legging, but tons of stretch, skinny, and I bought them in a larger size (to be taken in at the waist) so they don’t feel quite so painted on.

In the end, this whole experience has taught me a lot about body image issues, specifically my own. All the salesgirls and my friends were telling me that I look fine, but I still have it in my head that my hips are huge. One of the girls at the Gap (who knew the Gap made jeggings? I couldn’t find them online though) who was roughly my size said she says the same thing about her own body, but totally didn’t see any problem with mine. So it’s all in our heads, right?

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