The end to a black and grey week.

Friday couldn’t have come soon enough.  It was one of those weeks that just dragged on and on, so thank God it’s Friday and I’m in my pyjamas, sitting on my ass on the couch watching What Not To Wear’s 250th episode.

It was also a week where I inadvertently wore black and grey every single day of the week.  My winter wardrobe is primarily black and grey, but I usually try to wear colour at least once a week.  I wonder if it wouldn’t have been such a blah week if I had worn colour?  Maybe that’s next week’s experiment.   

Regardless, it’s still TGIF, and here’s my TGIF black-and-grey outfit:

  • black cardigan: Club Monaco
  • grey tank top: Club Monaco
  • black winter leggings: American Apparel
  • brown boots: Geox
  • necklace: anthropologie


  1. I wish I could email you directly, but I wanted to ask you a couple of questions about Ottawa if you are available to help me out :)

    Please email me here. Fabulously Broke in the City Contact

  2. Done. You can also email me at promiseslikepiecrust@gmail.com

    Let me know how I could help you!


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