Wolford tights

Yes, they are hideously expensive. It seems ridiculous and over-indulgent to spend $30-$50 on tights when you can buy them for $6 in the drugstore. But Woldford tights are amazing and I love them; I could never go back to cheap tights again (although I do cheat on my Wolfords for Hue tights in trendy colours). My favourite is the Satin Opaque tights, which are opaque with a lovely shimmer to them (not American Apparel shiny, god forbid), in black, anthracite (a gorgeous dark grey), and brown.

Wolford Satin Opaque tights

If you take care of them (I wear socks on my hands when I put them on so I don’t run them), they last a long time, so that’s how I justify the price. And they’re totally Blair Waldorf.

However, some of their items make me scratch my head:

Wolford Fringe Tights

These are £199. That’s CAD$339, US$320. Why would you want to spend over $300 on these hideous things?

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