New Year’s Resolution #4: enough with the resolutions

I looked at the calendar this morning and saw it was January 23 and immediately thought WTF?  Where did January go? 

Since it’s almost the end of January, I thought that it was time to do away with resolutions.  They’ve all been pretty frivolous anyway.  What do I really want to do with 2010 anyway?

  1. Be as healthy as possible.
  2. Get out of debt.
  3. Find a new job.
  4. Be happy with what I have instead of always wanting something else.
  5. Spend as much time as possible with the people I love.
  6. Find out who I am.

And yes, of course, I’m going to accomplish #6 in one year.  Hell, I’ll be lucky if I find that out in my lifetime, because it’s been 31 years and I have no idea.  But on the style/fashion front (and this blog has mostly been about that), it’ll help me figure out what my style is and what I should be wearing.

#3 and #4 are pretty contradictory, but who knows about #3 in this economy and job market, so in the event that #3 doesn’t pan out, I want to focus on #4. 

As for #1 and #2…they’re the most important to me, which is exactly why I’ve been shopping up a storm and eating a ton of sugar and wheat (two things that I know make me feel unwell).  In all honesty, I won’t get completely out of debt in one year, but I have to start rather than just ignoring it/making it worse. 

But before I completely freak out about the magnitude of what I want to do (except #5, that’s easy), I have to remember to stop, relax, and breathe…and everything else will fall into place.

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