Anthropologie catalogue: August 2008

Every week I take a look back at past Anthropologie catalogues and what I loved from then. (Thanks to Natalie for posting all the links.) I used to think that it’s impossible to find these pieces again, but thanks to Roxy’s trade market and eBay, anything is possible.

August 2008 – gorgeous catalogue, definitely one of my favourites

daybreak cardigan, subway stairs skirt, city siren heels – yellow and red always reminds me of McDonald’s, but I like it here

grand central cowlneck, dusk-blue suede belt, ruffled denim skirt –
I love this outfit.  I remember debating this skirt.  I almost ordered it, then decided against it because it would have been too long on me.

silver lining jacket

townhouse pocketbook, stoplight satchel, patisserie park, day-to-day shoulderbag

street poet trench, stoa sweater skirt, five spot lace-ups

printing press sheath –
complete over-stimulation with the books, but I love it

tick-tock cardigan –
I almost ordered this too.

city dweller cardigan, studio space skirt –
I love exposed brick

hudson & houston shirtdress, amity boots –
exposed brick and books? yes please!

bethesda jersey tee –
the model looks gorgeous

lafayette st sweatercoat

skyscrapers cardigan, riverside drive skirt

sunless skies shift, winged resin bangle

idlewild cardigan, lexington candy t-straps, city siren heels –
love the red shoes

run-run-run sweater, by-starlight skirt

wave hill v-neck, fringed suede flats

in-vino-veritas dress

castellum top, chalkstripe trousers, art deco mary-janes

fresco landscape sheath

high city dress, obie booties

hanging gardens dress –
so gorgeous

rockrose cardigan –
I almost ordered this sweater too. 

mcmanus grandfather cardi, pintucked organza skirt –
love that teal paint!

tammany tweed jacket, mimetic corduroy jeans

peacock dinnerware

teddy darling cardigan

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