Anthropologie catalogue: August 2011

It’s still hot hot hot out there, but it’s time to start thinking about fall.

august 2011 (eastward dress coat, refined scallops button up, ever-present satchel)

This is not one of my favourite catalogues this year.  There are still some great shots and some gorgeous vibrant colours, but nothing has really jumped out at me.

forested blazer, wrap around blouse, shirr & pleat pencil skirt – too many patterns for my taste, but I like the colour combination

grand deco earrings, dots within blouse, liquid acres skirt
– I definitely want that skirt

tangerine flicker dress, punctuation belt, forbidden stitch flats –
love the orange with the blue/green shoes

balkhash shawl, gleaming pods belt, lavendar layers dress, wrapped cocoa heels – this hair is screaming “Road to Avonlea” to me

coiled teardrops necklace, checkered table cape, ajisai dress, spun scenes scarf, aim high heels

popped tiers necklace, bailong pullover, on air skirt, stacked strap heels

honami ceramic stools, nightbloom duvey cover, brigitta nightstand

boro stitch quilt, burgeoning paisley quilt, patchwork indigo quilt, arimatsu quilt – love all the blue tones

blooming bow flats

mapped flats, trinket flats, glasswork flats, bead illusion flats, scarf-topped skimmers, doily flounce flats, forbidden stitch flats, suen flats, chiffchaff flats – love the glasswork flats (top row, third from left)

tangerine flicker dress, ruffled ridges heels, diamond weave pullover, liquid acres skirt, satin swoops heels, puckered pocket blouse, punctuation belt, trousered bermudas, aim high heels

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