Can’t be tempted…

Maybe this is blasphemous to say, but I’m getting really bored with Anthropologie.

My Saturday morning ritual involves groceries and a stop at the Anthro at The Shops at Don Mills, but last Saturday I decided to skip Anthro and just go home. 

It’s not that I’ve replaced Anthro with any other store, I’m just not shopping right now.  Maybe it’s because I’m leaving for my European vacation tomorrow (and not a moment too soon).

Not even the latest Anthro catalogue could tempt me.

Maybe because it’s hard to tell what she’s wearing.


Lovely and ridiculous at the same time.

Love the idea of ruffled boots!  But I hate suede.

The latest outfit set couldn’t move me either.

Cartoon doggies!  But nope.

Love the tights and boots!  But still nope.

Adorable!   But I already bought the jacket in black. 

I’m hoping my Anthro-aversion will pass, but at the same time, it’s good for my wallet. 


  1. Sorry to here you're in an Anthro rut, it's probally because you go so often. Can't say that I agree, I am very tempete by fall catologe but I live in the West End, so a trip to Shops at Don Mills is a treat. I ussally make an afternoon of it, lunch at Glow, and then hit my favourits: Anthropologie, Leigh & Harlow and sweats from Mcewan :)

    Enjoy your trip

  2. I agree, that last outfit is the best. I love, love, love that jacket!!


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