Welcome to England

Welcome to England, he said
Welcome to my world
- Tori Amos “Welcome to England

It wasn’t intentional, but I had a Tori Amos song on my iPhone for almost every leg of my trip.  Will thought it was a little odd.  I put this song on when we landed at London City Airport to start the second leg of our trip.

I’ve been to London twice before, but the last time was 11 years ago and I was with my mom and my mind was clearly elsewhere, because it was right when Will and I started dating.  I wanted to be there with him.  He always said he’d take me to London, and it only took 11 years.

I love the architecture in London; I wish Toronto looked like this.

I have to say, we had the most amazing weather on this trip for Ireland/England/France in the fall.  It was cloudy and overcast in Ireland, but there was no rain.  The first day we were in London, the skies were perfectly clear.

In the morning, we walked around the financial area and to the Tower of London area.

Tower Bridge, taken from London Bridge (which was not falling down)

Tower of London

Then we had lunch in a pub in Hammersmith, which allows dogs (like any proper pub should).

View of the Thames from the patio where we had lunch.  A lovely way to spend a Monday afternoon.

Later in the afternoon, we took a boat ride on the Thames.

This footbridge is famous; it’s appeared in many films including Bridget Jones’s Diary and About a Boy.

After that, it was off to John Lewis on Oxford Street to buy an air mattress for us to sleep on our friend’s floor in his Shoreditch flat, then Vietnamese for dinner.  No outfit photo this day, I looked terrible and refused to be photographed.

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