Walk to Dublin…

If I walk to Dublin
I’m gonna pass that turquoise lady in her new Nike flats and something’s flat
I said I need size 10,000 for my ass yes
- Tori Amos, “Walk to Dublin

I meant to write about my European adventure sooner, but going back to work and trying frantically to catch up, and a nasty cold intervened in the interim.  But enough with the excuses!  On with the photos.

Ireland was the first leg of our trip (3 days).  I’d never been before, but I took several Irish literature and history classes in university (so I have a little more than a passing interest).  However, I’m embarrassed to say that what I knew of Dublin itself is pretty much from Maeve Binchy books I read when I was a teenager.

We arrived on Friday, October 8, after an overnight flight.  Not too much sightseeing done on that day, we were pretty exhausted.

The River Liffey, just across the street from our hotel.  The bridge shaped like a harp is pretty striking.

Statues depicting the devastating Potato Famine. Disturbing, but an important part of Irish history.

Customs House

The General Post Office in Dublin.  I studied Yeats several times in university, so I had to visit this.

Dublin is definitely a party town.  The first day we were there, we wandered around a little bit, and spent the evening in Temple Bar pub-hopping, eventually ending up in a Japanese restaurant for dinner (not very Irish, but it was some of the best Japanese food I’ve had).

The second day (Saturday), we drove out of Dublin to explore the Irish countryside.

Dún Laoghaire, just outside Dublin


At Glendalough, the ruins of a 6th century monastery founded by St. Caoimhghin (Kevin), who lived in a hollowed-out tree. 

At the Wicklow Gap.  It was beautiful there, if a little chilly. 

Will did the bulk of the driving, which was fine with me.  Narrow roads + driving on the left side + big rental car (a Toyota Avensus – Hertz upgraded us, but that’s not a good thing in Europe) = bundle of nerves!  However, I did try driving for about ten minutes.  I kept punching the window looking for the stickshift, turning the windshield wipers instead of the turn signal on, and side-swiping parked cars on the left side of the car because I had no concept of where the car was.  So I can say I did it, but I don’t want to do it again.

We spent our last day in Dublin (Sunday) exploring the city more.

Trinity College Dublin on the left.

Grafton Street, the posh shopping street

I forget the name of this church.

Saturday’s outfit

  • Anthropologie River Delta Shift by Anne Pinkerton
  • Club Monaco cardigan
  • Wolford tights
  • Geox boots

Sunday’s outfit

  • Anthropologie Climbing Cowlneck
  • Club Monaco cardigan
  • Mavi super-skinny jeans
  • Geox boots
  • Hilary Druxman necklace

Good mirror in this hotel.  Didn’t find one like it anywhere else.

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