Anthro in London

So it’s not like I don’t have access to Anthropologie in Canada, but I had to visit Anthropologie in London.  Not to buy anything, since it’s even more expensive than Anthro in Canada (I feel bad about whining about Canadian prices—London prices have the same number value as American prices, but then you have to multiply by at least 1.5), just to see what the store looks like and see what they have (I definitely found that the London stores get stock faster than their Canadian counterparts).

I only had time to visit the Anthro on Regent Street.  The other location is on King’s Road, closer to Harrods, but I was in a hurry to flee that area after being completely turned off by Harrods.  Oh well, next time I’ll explore the posh area of Chelsea and maybe do my best imitation of a Sloane Ranger.


I really liked the wall of greenery in this store.

a £1800 sculpture—nice, but wouldn’t fit in my suitcase anyway


The view from the second floor, not too shabby

This outfit inspired me to try on the skirt, which I hadn’t seen in store in Toronto.

I know this is a recreation of a WWII poster, but to me it seemed very ironic for a retail clothing store whose purpose is to make you buy new things (sorry for the blurriness).

Since this store had stock that I hadn’t seen yet in at home, I tried a few things on:

Glowing Leaf Skirt by Floreat – gorgeous, definitely want this when I find it in Toronto, I love the orange and grey colour combination.

Puckered Plaid Trench by Elevenses – I thought this was very “English” and so I had to try it on in London.  It has a little too much volume for me (I thought it overwhelmed me), so it’s a no.

Liked it so much I tried it on twice, this time with the Volante Tee by Deletta.  I thought this top was ridiculous when I saw it in the catalogue, but it’s actually really nice on.  I’m definitely going to pick it up when I see it here.


  1. love the volante top and that skirt together! so pretty!

    And that green wall is stunning...want one at home...

  2. love the green wall as well...Toronto`s Anthro needs a makeover! :)


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