March in pictures

Just got home from a very pleasant long weekend in Boston, keeping my convalescing sister company. I literally got off the plane about two hours ago, so no Boston photos yet, but this was the rest of the month. Pictures of food and dog-stalking continue!

hello, R2-D2 // dolsot chickent bibimbap // gorgeous 100% silk ribbon at Mokuba, but at $48/metre, has to be left on the shelf // mmm, stubbe chocolate // this Westie wants to come into the chocolate shop // lab sitting in the sun outside the library // this is Callie and she’s a showbiz dog // it’s never to cold for gelato // this doggie wants some too

not sure why edible gold flakes are necessary // golden retriever bottom // accidental photo, but shows my rubber boot in the snow // Pizzeria Libretto homemade sausage pizza, delicious // this Portuguese Water Dog was giving me the hard sell at the vacuum store // blue lizard at Aritzia // watching me on my walk home // yes, I need to put down my iPad // chicken kebab and rice at Tabülè

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