a Basset hound on a T-shirt

My plane for Boston leaves in two-and-a-half hours, and for once I haven’t ordered anything to be shipped to my sister’s house. We probably won’t be doing much shopping anyway (just lounging around and eating), but it’s not like I haven’t done enough shopping this month anyway.

But how could I pass this up?

Gap Basset Hound Graphic T, 30% off. (With the constant promotions at the Gap, anyone else feel like a sucker if they pay full price for anything?)

Unfortunately it doesn’t sit on my chest as well as it does on the model, my boobs kinda get in the way.

Speaking of boobs (and shopping), my Old Navy dresses arrived in the mail…


I sent the pink one back, despite vowing to stop buying and returning. If I’m honest, I never intended to keep both, I did it for the free shipping and the fact I can’t stand going to Old Navy stores, but I’ll say it’s because I decided I didn’t need both.

Looking forward to a five-day weekend…hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

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