Oh, nibbles (and a photo wrap-up)

Really strange things come out of my mouth when I’m exhausted. I was doing my post-trip laundry the other night, and I discovered I missed a few items too late into the cycle to add them. I meant to say “oh, crap” or “oh, eff” or even “oh, figs”, but instead it came out as “Oh…nibbles.” Will was walking into the bedroom at exactly that moment and he couldn’t stop laughing at me. It was partly how I said it, unfortunately can’t recreate it. I told him I meant to swear and I missed…by a lot.

This is why I’ve been so tired:

Toronto Blue Jays home opener with work colleagues (they lost 4-1 to the Cleveland Indians). Also, baseball is so freaking boring. I understand why people drink so much at baseball games.

There’s also that extended long weekend in Boston, really nice and relaxing while I was there, but travelling wipes me out when I go straight back to work the next morning.

Early morning over Lake Ontario from Toronto Island Airport // free almonds in the Porter lounge // sizzling chicken in ginger sauce (lunch very shortly after I landed) // Vietnamese artwork // homemade dumplings (at my brother-in-law’s request) // Anthro owl cookie jar at the Newbury St location // Marimekko pillow // pinkyotto on Newbury St (the teddy bear heads are weird…) // maraschino cherry from my cherry ginger soda at Myers + Chang

My sister is recovering from her surgery and doing really well. She’s moving slowly and has to lie down a lot, but her progress is great. We walked to manicures and to Porter Square for coffee, and she was able to go out for a haircut on Newbury St, dinner at Myers + Chang, and Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill. Her appetite has come roaring back, which is good, because when we get together, we eat.

Something Sweet Without Wheat in Woburn, MA // a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie (good texture, but it tasted like chickpea flour) // gluten-free whoopee pie (better) // chocolate cannoli (not gluten-free) // Georgetown cupcakes (also not gluten-free) // cheese from Formaggio Kitchen

While my sister was getting her hair cut, I wandered around Newbury St for a little window shopping, including wandering into the Anthropologie.

Pretty // Pretty // WTF-is-this-kill-it-with-fire

Easter Sunday lunch was at the Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill. Heard lots about it, never been in NYC, so wanted to try it out. Totally worth it! The burgers, fries, and concretes (frozen custard) were delicious.

Taking pics of the sign while we were waiting in line (wasn’t too bad, we went right at 11 a.m.) // adorable baby onesie // even the puppies are covered! // such a hipster table // mmm, crinkle fries and burgers // vanilla half concrete with chocolate toffee and chocolate truffle cookie dough mix-ins (the cookie dough was too much, but the toffee was awesome)

I could totally go for more Shake Shack now.

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