Springing ahead

I like turning the clocks ahead in the spring for the extra light at the end of the day (no more going home in the dark), but I dislike it for the mornings. I don’t know why, but that extra hour really messes me up for a few weeks.

It was a busy and irritating week, and I couldn’t be bothered to dress very creatively. I also couldn’t get any decent pictures with my head in it either. So it was a headless week.

Anthro renewed folds pullover (Odonate Epiprocta - 2011) // J.Crew No. 2 pencil skirt in vivid jade // Wolford satin opaque tights // Nine West heels

It’s the same as this outfit, just with brown and tan instead of black.

But yesterday was a gorgeous day and I had the balcony door open for most of it, so I feel a little more spring-like and refreshed and thoughts are turning more to lighter fabrics, brighter colours, and bare legs. I’ve been fine with the real Canadian winter we’ve had so far, but I’d be happy if there were no more snowstorms, as pretty as it is.

I love my view.

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