Live to eat

This morning my carpool friend asked me what I’m passionate about. She mentioned a colleague whose passion is knitting. She said hers is hair removal (we laughed and said she should be an aesthetician instead of an HR manager), and asked me what mine is. I said, “fashion, books, music, food.” Mostly clothes and food though.

I don’t get people who don’t enjoy food and just eat because they have to. I live to eat. Which is why I’ll probably never be a size 0, and that’s just fine with me. (Well, actually, I’d love to be skinnier, but food wins every time.)

Just some of the things I’ve eaten over the past few weeks:

beef cheek banh mi from Banh Mi Boys, English toffee with Costa Rican milk chocolate and almonds from SoMA chocolatemaker, Vietnamese bún (vermicelli with grilled chicken and nước chấm, Vietnamese dipping sauce), crispy spring rolls (i.e. crack), Skor gelato from Hollywood Gelato, crispy chicken tacos.

Date night with Will on Saturday was at Barque Smokehouse in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood, which was good but a little disappointing, I was expecting more for the price. It was also painfully, painfully hipster.

the cutlery comes with a brush, bucket of popcorn that I demolished while waiting for our mains (service was a little too slow), pulled duck tacos, a giant pile of meat (brisket, chicken thighs, and beef ribs).

A foodie friend and I stood in line on Monday after work to eat at momofuku noodle bar, which opened last week in Toronto’s Shangri-La Hotel. The lines were long last week (was there an Apple store in there or something?), but pretty easy to get into on a Monday at 5 p.m. I still prefer ssäm bar in New York, but I can now say I’ve eaten David Chang’s pork buns in two different countries.

pork buns, Momofuku ramen

The food adventures don’t end here though, Will and my foodie friend and I are going to Montreal over Canadian Thanksgiving weekend with the sole purpose of eating at Au Pied de Cochon (where chef Martin Picard tried to kill Anthony Bourdain) and Joe Beef (home of the foie gras double down). I’m a little afraid that we might die before we make it home.

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