I wear what I love

"1-zip favouring familiar silhouettes. Left whips and chains behind, I'm boycotting trends, it's my new look this season." - Tori Amos, "Girl Disappearing"

I am definitely not a trendy person. Frankly, chasing after trends every season is exhausting and confusing to me. It’s inevitable that some trends end up in my closet because I shop every season, but I don’t scour the fashion magazines to find out what’s “in” for the season and go searching for that, nor do I shun things because they’re too trendy. I wear what I love, period.

knockoff J.Crew turquoise bubble necklace from Etsy | Jacob sleeveless top | Artizia stretchy knit miniskirt

I’ve always liked the J.Crew bubble necklace, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $150 on acrylic beads. But $15 on Etsy I can do! I know that’s it’s super-popular right now and everyone with a blog seems to have one, but like I just said, I wear what I love (if I can afford it—it’s not like I can afford a pair of Louboutins right now). Also, I haven’t seen anyone wearing one around Toronto (admittedly, my world in Toronto is pretty small), so it’s not super-popular in my everyday life. I’m the trend-setter! Ha.

(My one gripe: it’s effing noisy. I was jingling my way around my office today. Also, oops, that’s another thing I’ve bought this month.)

These rambling musings on trendiness reminds me of a sort-of friend (we’ve known each other for years but we’re not close) who gets herself riled up ever year about trends. She reads magazines and then immediately declares that she can’t wear any of the trends (without trying any of them). But her sense of fashion is also a little skewed, she thinks Mexx and Banana Republic are the epitome of trendiness, which makes me laugh, and she thinks I’m very trendy, when I’m really not. Stylish/fashionable: yes, I think so, I hope so; trendy: not very often.

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