It was a cracking weekend, it was.

I bought a subscription to the BBC iPlayer  for Will's birthday, so of course I've been making use of it too. This weekend I watched a few episodes of Coupling (my favourite TV show, not to be confused with the horrible U.S. remake they tried to do), and finished Gavin & Stacey. Unfortunately, it means that I've started to adopt some British-isms (and possibly Welsh-isms), and it sounds really ridiculous coming out of someone with a slight Ottawa Valley accent (i.e. Canadian).

Anyway, the long weekend really was cracking. Time with friends, BBQ, salted caramel ice cream, my sister dog, what's not to like?


salted caramel ice cream in a chocolate-dipped cone at The Chocolateria; Jedd’s frozen custard; salted butter crunch, more salted caramels, and a grapefruit lip balm.

happy Abby, happy Abby, scratching Abby (also blasphemous Abby for sitting on our Union Jack doormat?), exhausted Abby.

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