I don’t even have a title for this post.

It’s been a crazy week. I work in for a major Canadian wireless provider, and iPhone 5 launch = chaos. So this is all I have this week, just a handful of fashion-y snaps I’ve collected on my freakishly out-of-date iPhone 3GS, and not even a decent title for it.

Also, I’m currently obsessed with PicFrame and making collages out of everything. But if anyone makes fun of me, I’ll just say it could be real scrapbooking instead, what’s worse?

I almost bought this Anthro vase last December, Anthro pencil box with an OWN network-esque inspirational quote, my last pedicure of the season, a table full of colourful Hanky Panky thongs, argyle and miniskirts at Club Monaco, dubious jeans at Club Monaco.

Since I work for said wireless provider, I’m not allowed to upgrade to the 5 until the initial launch is over, which means January next year. So until then I’ll have the ongoing battle in my head about if I actually need to upgrade to iPhone 5 (which really, I don’t) or if I should just hang on to my 3GS until it dies. The horrors of using outdated technology, what a first-world problem.

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