Foot-in-mouth Monday

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I have a good friend who is pregnant at 41, after going through the heartbreak of multiple miscarriages over the past few years. She and her husband had stopped trying, but I guess it's another instance of that old cliché "it happens when you stop trying" coming true. She was supposed to travel to Austria with her family this weekend, but her doctor has grounded her over complications with her pregnancy – nothing serious, but fear that it could become serious and that would be bad on a plane/in a foreign country. Good news is I'll see her at a wedding of a mutual friend in Ottawa this weekend. Bad news is I tried to message her "I'm sorry you had to cancel your trip because of complications with your pregnancy, hope it isn't serious" and it came out as "I'm sorry you had to cancel your pregnancy, hope it isn't serious."  OMG.

I blame Monday.

I apologized right away and luckily she laughed. I was seriously mortified though – still am. Careless quick typing could cost me a friendship!!!

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