Who I dress for

I was walking back to work after lunch with some colleagues when we passed a girl wearing some pretty awful high-waisted khaki pants. Our collective first reaction was “OMG! Camel toe!” (poor girl). Then Mike made a comment about how a girl would only wear something like that for other women or gay men (i.e. man repeller?). This sparked a mini-discussion about who we dress for, and I argued that I dress for myself, not for anyone else.

Anthro Torsade Tee | Anthro Sedge & Rush Necklace | Jacob pencil skirt (from 2008) | Miss Sixty Tracy shoes

But then I wondered if that was true, and if I really dress for myself. Maybe I dress for other women. Maybe I dress in a way that I hope attracts the opposite sex. I don’t do it on purpose, I don’t dress every day simply for the purpose of getting compliments from people, men or women, but I wonder. It’s a question for further pondering.

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