Pretending I’m 18 again.

For something completely different, here’s a Friday casual outfit (that’s probably too casual, but I didn’t really care) that came primarily from Aritzia.

  • Wilfred top, from Aritzia
  • Talula knit miniskirt, from Aritzia
  • Jenna’s Cardigan from J.Crew
  • Anthropologie necklace
  • Havaiana flip-flops

I haven’t shopped at Aritzia since I was in university; it’s very trendy, very hipster, very skinny (VERY skinny!), and very young, and quite honestly, it scares me a lot of the time.  They’re also responsible for that stupid TNA line (every time I see one of those fugly branded bags I want to rip it off the girl’s shoulder and stomp on it) but it’s a Canadian store (even though most of the brands they carry are not Canadian), so I feel like I should go in every now and then.  I also happened to be shopping at lunch with my 22-year-old co-worker (and friend) Ashley, who buys a lot of her clothes there.  She bought a tank and a button-down shirt.  I bought the top and miniskirt.  One of which is from the line for “younger girls who want to be with the trends” (the Talula miniskirt).  Great.  I turned 32 on Saturday, so I’m feeling a little “mutton dressed as lamb.” 

At least I can still pass for 25.

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