another month, another Anthropologie catalogue

I finally had the chance to sit down with the latest Anthropologie catalogue.  As usual, I was taken in by the photography and styling.  I know, I know, that’s what the catalogue is meant to do, make clothes look better than they actually are and make you want to buy them (and they do that very successfully), but I always feel slightly angry that I’ve been so manipulated.

See?  She looks lovely.  But I’d never look like that even if I tried.  Because I have boobs and hips that get in the way.

Again, lovely.  But that colour on me?  Bleaahh.  And the actual top?  Not so much.

This dress looks so chic on the model:
But on the dressform?  Ugh.

I’ve seen this in person and have no desire to even try it on.  Little House on the Prairie calico over my chest?  No thanks.  But the model makes it seem almost conceivable.

I pass on most of it.  Well, except for maybe the Plucked Berry Tote:


At $268, it’s a steal compared to the Gucci bag and the Kate Spade bag.  But I shouldn’t.  Should I?  I shouldn’t.

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