May 2014 in pictures

I like recapping my months in pictures because certain themes emerge. So this month was juice, a bunch of flowers, and binge-reading. There was a lot of busy-ness at work too, but that doesn’t photograph so well.

decor at Moo Milk Bar, my go-to cookie place // a pig at Moo Milk Bar // cookies n creme cookie and chocolate milk // fries // cat // Before I Go To Sleep // green juice // spring! // looking good, Toronto

good dog // wake up! // The Art of Racing in the Rain

June is going to be crazy. I’m starting with a business trip to Halifax tomorrow (really exciting because I’ve never been to the Maritimes), Will is away for business next week too, Will’s dad is visiting for a week when we both come back, and then it’s my birthday. Since the next week will be busy for both of us, we had a date day today.

Sausages and fries at Wvrst.

Salted caramel ice cream.

And a maxidress on a gorgeous, breezy day.

It’s also finally spring/summer here, which makes for great photos on the balcony. One evening, three stages of sunset:


  1. You eat the yummiest yummy food. I always get hungry looking at your pictures. That cookie?! Oh my gosh. I want to try to make salted caramel ice cream when we get back from vacation. It looks so good and no one around here carries it.

    You look so pretty in that maxi dress. I really, really like maxi dresses on you. And your hair looks hot! Really pretty!

    Those sunset pictures are amazing. Have fun in Halifax! What a cool trip that you get to go alone. I bet you get some marvelous reading time! What day is your birthday? Are you a Gemini or a Cancer?


    1. Salted caramel ice cream is very trendy these days, but remarkably hard to find sometimes. I'm going to have a double scoop for my birthday! :) I'm a Gemini, birthday is June 19.

  2. You really have a great view.

    What did you think about Before I go to Sleep? I liked it.

    Halifax is fun. Eat lobster! Take pictures of the lobster! Go to the Biscuit General Store (they have cool clothes and shoes and such). If you get time, Peggy's Cove is not that far and it's really beautiful.

    1. Pictures of lobster and Peggy's Cove on my most recent post! I liked Before I Go to Sleep. I stayed up late finishing it because I had to find out what happens. I heard there's a movie version with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth coming out, curious about it.

  3. Look at all the pretty things! The flowers, the treats, the sweets, the kitsch. MooMilkBar sounds like trouble if it was in my neighborhood. I'm not a huge sweets person. I like my salt and cheese and bread. But chocolate chip cookiies? I need MOAR!!!

    <3 Liz

    1. The chocolate chip cookies at MooMilkBar are lovely, but the toffee bit cookies are even better. OMG. My kryptonite!


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