Taking a break from real life

I know I’m not a daily blogger (props to all that are, and thank you for keeping me entertained with my blog reader!), but I try to post at least once a week, and this was an unintentional two-week hiatus. Life gets busy, I don’t make millions from my blog (or anything, let’s be honest), so real life takes precedence.

The first week of June was crazy busy with work, and the past two weeks have also been challenging personally. The good news: no one has died, I’m fine, it’s not anything with Will (we’re great), and everything will be ok in the end…I hope. (I can’t do anything but try to be as positive as I can, as excruciatingly hard as it is to be optimistic sometimes.)

So let’s try to focus on the good stuff that’s happened over the past few weeks. (One of the reasons I like blogging is that it let’s me do that.)

My work trip to Halifax, where I managed to sneak in some sightseeing at Peggy’s Cove in my limited time there:

I’m allergic to shellfish, but my colleague had this 2.5lb monster at the restaurant at Peggy’s Cove.

I had fish and chips instead.

The day was beautiful, which made for some gorgeous views. I think I’m looking out towards where Swissair Flight 111 went down, but I’m not sure.

Gorgeous, but I was afraid I was going to fall and bash my head on the rocks (I didn’t, obviously).

A half-selfie.

It was a really short but exhausting business trip, but it was a treat to go out there.

Since then, back home, and taking photos of flowers around town:

Including this basset hound, which is much quieter and well-behaved than the real basset hound I know.

Also lots of food, of course, mainly pizza and dolci at my favourite pizzeria:

Will likes his with two runny eggs on top.

Chocolate-amaretto budino (pudding) with whipped cream and candied almonds on top, served in a trendy mason jar.

Which I couldn’t finish, so they screwed the lid on and I had the rest at home the next day.

But I’d better watch it with the pizza and sweets, or I won’t be able to fit into any of my summer clothes, which I’m now wearing. Bare legs again! It’s my birthday next week though, so I’ll cut out the bad food after that (fingers crossed).

Banana Republic tank // Baublebar x Anthropologie Seastone necklace // J.Crew Factory Clare cardigan // Anthro Scalloped Stripes Ponte Skirt (Girls From Savoy) // Gap classic ballet flats in surf blue

Not my favourite look ever, but it was fine.

Still trying to get used to this hair too. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either.


  1. I missed your posts! I am sorry to hear things are not happy right now. That sucks and I know what it feels like to be down. I hope everything turns around for the better. Soon! You look beautiful. I really like your hair cut. I think it is sassy and fun. That pizza looks so yummy! And that dessert! I cannot wait to go to our linner in a few hours. My favorite restaurant closes at 5:30 tonight, so we are having a late lunch/early dinner.

    Those beach pictures are beautiful. I love the one with the man his dog, too.


  2. Yay, lobster pics! And you made it to Peggy's Cove. Beautiful photos.

    Sorry to hear that the last 2 weeks have been rough. I hope things are better.


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