Long weekend catching up

Oh, thank God for the May 2-4 and a long weekend. I can catch up on sleep, I can catch up on my blog feed, and I can catch up on my own blog. Work has been busy busy busy, but I can’t complain.

Last weekend my sister and her husband visited, so we ate.

Fried chicken (traditional and spicy Korean style) at Momofuku

Bib lettuce, dipping sauce, tabasco salt to go with the fried chicken

Pho and limeade on the first patio of the season at Golden Turtle

Club bao from Banh Mi Boys (pork belly and fried chicken)

Not pictured: a giant dim sum brunch. We were actually planning a lot more than that, but by Sunday after dim sum we were done. We felt like amateurs. Can’t eat like we used to!

It was a gorgeous warm sunny weekend last weekend, so I wore this Gap cami maxidress in charcoal grey. It was like wearing a nightgown.

I wore shoes when I left my condo. And a light sweater, because it wasn’t quite bare arms warm yet.


Perfect for walking around at the Beaches:

We ordered the weather specifically for our guests. As soon as they left, it was rainy and humid, and now we’re back to cold fall weather (it is freezing today, but I haven’t seen any snow yet, knock on wood).

Dark and stormy.

This was my work outfit from Thursday. I think it’ll be well into June before I can finally ditch the tights, but it may be time to lighten up a bit.

Gap essential V-neck tee // J.Crew Factory Fan Fringe Necklace // J.Crew No.2 Pencil Skirt in vivid jade // Wolford tights // Michael Kors heels


  1. Yay! More food pictures! I love them all. I seriously could just stare at them. They make me so happy. That fried chicken looked divine. I love the maxi dress on you. I mean, LOVE! That necklace loos so pretty with it.

    That grey picture of the city looks so ominous. I guess I never understood gloomy weather until I see that. I would just want to stay in bed all day! I hope it is brighter now. I love your second outfit, too. That turquoise is so pretty. I like how you paired it with the black and the statement jewelry.

    I am glad you had fun with your sis!


    1. Maxidresses are amazing, they're so comfortable and easy. Not sure why I didn't jump on that bandwagon sooner!

  2. I love both your outfits. I'm also very jealous that Momofuku has a restaurant in Toronto. I ate at Ma Peche in NYC and it was awesome.

    How does it always rain or snow on May long everywhere? We were thinking about going away but it's raining everywhere from Banff to Penticton to Vancouver (and of course in Calgary, too). No snow for us yet either, luckily.

    1. May long weekend was gorgeous last year in Toronto, but this year not so much. It's nice to stay in and do nothing though. Hope you're having a good one regardless!


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