Long overdue haircut

I’ve been meaning to get my hair cut for months. 10 months, to be exact. I even planned to get my hair cut two weeks ago, so I posted this before pic on Instagram in preparation, but I ended up postponing it.

Banana Republic tank top // Baublebar x Anthropologie Seastone necklace // Anthropologie cardigan

That’s some long hair and some fried ends. I shouldn’t have waited that long, but I think I got really attached to the length.

So I knew I would have to lose some length, but not as much as my hairdresser ended up taking off.

J.Crew Symmetrical Stone necklace // J.Crew silk cami in brilliant cobalt // Anthropologie cardigan

I almost cried. (I didn’t, but I whined a lot to Will.)

It’s my own fault, I should have had a hair cut sooner. Regular trims, maybe. I know it’s very on trend (see Karlie Kloss and Kendi, for example), but it wasn’t necessarily on purpose.

I like it now (it’s very light and unfussy and low-maintenance, I just have to wash and go), but I do miss the length and my curling wand waves. But it’s hair, it will grow back. Eventually.


  1. You look so cute. I like your hair short and long. I have had that happen so many times over the years. My new hairdresser is very conservative with cuts. I love the sexy chops she did on you. It is what is all over pinterest. Now is definitely the time for it with the heat coming.

    I like both of your necklaces. I kept scrolling up and down but I cannot pick a favorite. They are both so pretty!

    Can't wait to see more hair pics!


  2. I like your new haircut. And I'm jealous that you can wash and go and it still looks good! If I wash and go, I end up having to wear my hair in a ponytail.


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