Last of the tights (maybe)

Ok, it’s starting to get a little ridiculous, we’re getting towards the end of May and I’m still wearing tights. It’s still not that warm here and I don’t wear pants, I can’t help it.

Anthropologie Elementary Dress (Girls From Savoy) // J.Crew Factory Fringed Fan necklace // J.Crew Jenna’s Cardigan // Wolford tights // Tory Burch Reva flats

That doesn’t excuse the dark colours though, it’s time to ditch the black and grey (not all black and grey, just all black and grey outfits) and embrace some colour.

I do love black though. I feel safe in black.

Gap Essential V-neck tee // J.Crew necklace // Anthro Aniseed Skirt (Eva Franco – 2010) // Wolford tights // Tory Butch Reva flats

Next week: COLOUR.


  1. I love both outfits. As someone who never wears black because I don't feel like me in it, I can always appreciate an outfit based on black. I guess to me it is different and inspiring! I love your pops of color with your necklaces, too.

    Rachel! It is so funny. I remember loving that skirt on a blogger and wanting it so badly after seeing it on her. Before I had a blog. But I knew my hips would not be able to do it. I just realized you are that blogger! You look great in it. I have had many times thought of that skirt. It really is great!


    1. if I were a California girl like you, I'd never wear black either! Sadly, I'm a cubicle-dwelling Torontonian. :(

      Jenni, I swear our hips are probably don't that different, I'm very hippy, so the skirt might have worked for you!

  2. I love that skirt. I remember seeing it in other outfit posts (obviously, it is a memorable skirt!)

    I'm tights-less today. Woot woot! I think I can say that spring is finally here!

    1. I almost purged this skirt a few years ago, but I'm glad that I didn't. And hooray for tightslessness!!!

  3. Hooray? Why are you celebrating? You look great in your flats and tights. Keep it up girl.


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