May in pictures

May was a blink and you’ll miss it month for me. Work was insanely busy, meaning the last thing I felt like doing when I came home was sit in front of the computer again, hence the lack of posts.

May means a cute Yoda // shy Great Dane // not so shy Great Dane named Jagger // comfy chocolate lab // fresh lime soda // mmmm, fries // duck fat fries and chorizo sausage // derpy Golden retriever // Lucy the shy Viszula wants to get away from Henri

Vietnamese lunch // corgi bum // bulldog! // English dairy milk from London // Paris My Sweet // cushion made from a flour bag // love these shoes, but they’re not so comfy // my nephew hungry and cranky waiting for dinner // Tim Horton’s chocolate chip cookie (not bad)

The most exciting thing I did this month was to book a trip to Europe in the fall. At the end of September, Will and I will go for ten days: two days in Iceland, five days in London, and two days in Copenhagen. I can’t wait! Must curb the spending until then.

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