Saturday morning

Feeling better is fantastic. No really, it’s FANTASTIC. That was a doozy of a cold/sinus infection; Wednesday and Thursday this week I was able to half work at home, half lie on the couch, but yesterday I was knocked completely on my back and was in bed all day except for two hours late last night when I was finally able to get out of bed for an hour and a half, have a gluten-free turkey sandwich and some fruit, and watch Elementary on the PVR.

This morning I got up early and went up to the roof of my building, where it was quiet and calm and pretty.

This is the furthest I’ve been from my condo since Wednesday morning. Later this afternoon, I might even try street level!

While I’ve been inside, everything turned green. Last Saturday was our first BBQ up on the roof, and it looked liked this:

Today, it looks like this:

Only takes a few days of sunshine and warm weather to bloom. Maybe if I go outside and have even more sunshine and warm weather, I’ll bloom into a healthy person again.

Like my I’ve-been-in-bed-for-the-past-34-of-36-hours hair?

I’ll take care of that shortly.

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