I’m not sure what’s wrong with me this year, but I’m looking at spring like I’ve never seen it before. Was last spring much different from this year? Did we not have this much prettiness that has me stopping in the middle of sidewalks to stare at it? (Or am I just being weird this year?)

I’ve read on a few blogs the preference for fall, because the colours are so much more vibrant and varied. I have to disagree, because after the greyness of winter, the bright greens and pinks and purples and yellows and whites are amazing, especially against a brilliant blue sky. Like I said, I’ve been stopping in the middle of sidewalks to stare at flowers and trees (and take pictures of them) because they’re just so pretty.

And then, after all that gorgeous colour, this is what I wear.

J.Crew vintage tee in heather graphite // knockoff bubble necklace // Anthro cardigan // J.Brand jeans // Tory Burch Reva flats

The colour will come, I promise.

Happy May 2-4 for all you Canadians! I’m looking forward to these three days off work (three and a half if you include going home early yesterday), back next week with colour (promise) and likely pics of the posh wedding I’m going to tomorrow.

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