Chilly June

Looks like it's going to be cooler than usual for the first week of June. That may mean tights every day, depending on how brave I feel and how much I don't want to wear tights, whichever one wins out. (Probably tights.)

It does give me the opportunity to wear this skirt again though.

Gap Essential V-Neck Tee (cropped to 3/4-sleeve) // knockoff bubble necklace // Club Monaco Tavie Skirt // Wolford Tights // Tory Birch Reva flats

I find it way too short to wear comfortably without tights. It’s probably not that short, but it’s all about my comfort zone (which is longer, when it comes to skirts).

I don’t really mind the cooler weather. I find it refreshing and brisk. And the crisp air makes for some gorgeous skyline pics from my balcony.

Yesterday at about 7 pm after the storms and humidity had lifted:

Today at 8 pm:



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