Wedding outfit

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Anthropologie Cirque A-Line (Porridge – 2011) // Club Monaco Mint Statement Necklace // Miss Sixty Tracy shoes

Not my own wedding. (Although I would totally get married in this, why not?) This was what I wore to a wedding at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto this past Sunday. Great space, great food, great time for two friends from university who have been together even longer than Will and I have.

However, I did get an up-and-down and a glare from a fellow wedding guest. Too much boob, too much print? Or maybe it was more of a "how dare you dress up and do your hair and look nice at a wedding?" Girls are the worst sometimes. I’ve been guilty of it too, it makes me want to punch myself sometimes.

Speaking of the worst, this week has been the worst. First the subway was a disaster on Tuesday morning because a woman jumped, then someone took her purse so they couldn’t identify her but it turned out to be a mental-health issue; I learned an idiot coworker got a huge promotion while I’m still waiting for mine (at least it’s not on my team, but it’s infuriating to see kiss-asses get ahead); I dropped my iPhone 5 and the screen cracked (still usable, so I’m going to deal with it as it is for a while); and my friend’s mom fell prey to a scam that had her turn over several thousand dollars in cash and five thousand dollars in jewellery (including the engagement ring she’s had for 51 years) to a couple of con artists. There was something weird about this week. Was there something in the air? In the water? At any rate, I can’t wait for it to be over.

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