April in pictures

My iPhone was busy in April!

April = C3PO // Ladurée macaron T-shirt from Uniqlo in Hong Kong (so cute!) // Les Petits Macarons (but I’d rather just buy them than try to make them myself) // boy and girl magnets from Tokyo // I’m not sure what this is // rabbit in glasses // April showers bring May flowers right? // Stuart Weitzman baby shoes // April flowers

I did some window-shopping:

Club Monaco Mint Crystal Statement Ring (I didn’t buy it, but I was thinking of it) // in the window at Artizia // in the lingerie department at Holt Renfrew // in the window at Holt Refnrew // apparently Banana Republic is ripping off J.Crew now // Banana Republic jewellery is pretty though // butter dishes at Anthropologie // Homegrown Monogram Mugs // the courtyard behind the Eaton Centre

I stalked some dogs:

boxer/hound mix puppy // this golden retriever is happy to receive my pats // this lab looks confused // this elderly golden retriever sniffed my hand and then shunned me (I’m not used to dogs walking away from me!) // this collie just wants the ball // Lucy the Viszula stares // India the 15-year-old, three-legged German Shepherd/Doberman mix is a sweetheart // this dog is shy // this guy is windswept

I visited my friend’s farm in Perth, Ontario:

This duck is named Douze (because he came with a band that said “12” on his leg) // adorable baby // donkey // chicken / more chickens // barn cats hanging out with chickens

And I ate (and then ate some more):

Chinese chili turnip (sooo good!) // fried dough noodle rolls // rice and preserved sausage with Chinese greens // Vietnamese grilled chicken // basil and mint and lettuce // chicken shwarma // smooshed Prairie Girl cupcake is still a delicious cupcake // jerk chicken thighs on the BBQ // zucchini, mushrooms, and peppers on the BBQ

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