an old Anthro love

So last week I had an Anthro rant moment, and after that I’m now very wary about buying anything new there. But I also remembered that I still have pieces from over 3 years ago, pieces I love and pieces that have lasted.

Anthro Wind-Rippled tee (Deletta – 2009) // Anthro Alluring Sway Skirt (Cartonnier – 2010) // Wolford tights // Nine West heels

Here are two pieces that I’ve had for a long time and have lasted despite many wears (and wears together, I’m pretty sure I’ve worn this before but too lazy to go back and check). Frankly, I’m surprised about the top lasting this long because it’s a thin jersey knit T-shirt. It might not be long for my closet.

So new Anthro pieces = wariness, but old Anthro pieces = wear until they fall off my body.

I really love the ruffle detail on this top. It’ll be a really sad day when I’ll finally have to give it up.

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